Scaling Engineering Teams from 5 to 500 and Beyond

Every high-growth engineering organization eventually needs to tackle the challenges around restructuring teams, maintaining a productive culture, building resilient systems, and adjusting engineering processes.

Join us on February 28th to hear from panelists at WeWork, Box, and Pivotal on critical lessons learned and best practices for keeping teams aligned and productive at scale.

We discuss:

How to organize engineering teams for innovation and velocity at scale

Lessons learned and best practices for developing effective engineering processes

Strategies for building and maintaining a healthy culture that drives focus and motivation

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Hosted by:

Randy Shoup 
VPE at 

Cornelia Davis 
Sr. Director of Technology at 

Working Effectively With Technical Debt 

It’s common knowledge that technical debt needs to be “accounted” for, but in practice, handling a difficult codebase just isn’t as easy as filling out an excel sheet.

Join our upcoming Q&A-style panel, as we discuss various approaches to identifying, leveraging, and tackling technical debt. 

Stories and experiences of revitalizing difficult codebases

How to approach stability as a long-term strategy

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Saminda Wijegunawardena 
VPE at 

Marcus Blankenship 
Author/Technical Coach

Scaling Engineering Teams from 5 to 500 and Beyond

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